Monday, June 11, 2012

Listen to that ...

I am a ham. I like getting up in front of people and holding forth. My first career goal was to become a big Broadway star. I still watch the Tony Awards acceptance speeches for hints about what to say when I win for best leading performance in a musical.

When I speak in bookstores or libraries or sisterhood luncheons, I sometimes read a few pages from one of my books. The reviews are generally good. "Do you record your own books?"

I know better. It takes a very good actress to give voice to many characters and maintain consistency for 250+ pages.

But when I was invited to record a passage for The Drum, an online "Literary Magazine for your Ears," I coudn't resist.

Here's the link.

It's okay. I'm not mortified, but even more certain that it's better left to the professionals.


Elle Hull said...

I'm enjoying it now and think you did a smashing job!

Susan "Funny Money" Baughman said...

Wonderful! And great to see you hamming it up in Jackson Hole. (I got some great photos of you on the balloon this morning, too!)
Susan Baughman