Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Little Milestone Today

As I filled out the form that will empty the college fund so that Emilia can complete her masters in social work degree --  with a certificate in non-profit management, if you please.

I've been filling out these forms for years. New York Univesity -- check. University of North Carolina --check. Many, many checks. Thank you, Red Tent.

No champagne at such a moment. Not even a bowl of ice cream. But it's sweet enough looking at the photos on Facebook.

The graduation ceremony at Chapel Hill was the usual combination of boredom and joy; the kind of thing no parent should miss. The all-grown-up Masters and the even-more-all-grown-up Doctors of Social Work searched the audience for familiar faces.

"Look what I did," they beam.  "Aren't you proud?"

Yes. Yes we are.